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Mangunan Orchard Park

Mangunan Orchard Park

Located on the sides of Dlingo village hills, Bantul with an area approximately 23.5 acres and is passed by the Oyo river flow and it makes this orchard park is so good to relax. Especially in the afternoon, when the weather is not too hot coupled with breezy hills, making the body and heart refreshed, after taking a break around the parking area while looking around the surroundings.

Mangunan Orchard Park
It is within 15 kilometers from the capital of Bantul regency and 35 kilometers from the city of Yogyakarta. Mangunan Orchard Park was built in 2003, has 150-200 meters height above sea level and it is also a hilly area with typical mountain scenery with cool air.

Mangunan Orchard Park
There are Rafiah rambutan trees on the side of the road, papaya fruit, there is also a large pool set with gardens. The highest hill is Cinta hill. Named Cinta hill because from this place we can see all the beauty of the scenery beneath with a serene and peaceful feelings. It was surrounded by orange trees that bear fruits which are more than the number of the leaves. Besides those, the garden still has many other different kinds of fruit in there.

Mangunan Orchard Park
Another interesting thing that travellers can do is observing various fruit trees well furnished in accordance with the slope condition of Mangunan hill, including durian, mango, rambutan, guava, orange, sawo, duku, mangosteen. Besides those, there are also other fruits which are relatively few such as matoa, longan, guava, cempedak, and starfruit. To add to the beauty and freshness of nature in Mangunan, they also planted teak, king grass, living fences from zalacca, magium, and pine.

Special out bond location for mountain bike tracks is 2.300 meters long and they also provide it specifically for downhill. And the second track is 3.800 meters long for the class of cross country. There are still some other facilities which we can enjoy when travelling here such as camping ground, children playground, out bond area and other facilities.
For tourists whoa are unfamiliar with the location of the Mangunan Orchard, sticking with only Imogiri – Tombs of Mataram Kings. The place is only about 30 minutes from imogiri with motorcycle and almost everyone knows where the location of the Mangunan Orchard is.
Mangunan Orchard Park
With reasonable costs, travellers may obtain extra facilities which exist in this tourist location. This thing has been arranged with the issuance of Decree No.141 Bantul Regent 2009 date of 12 May, 2009, On the Magnitude of Participation Cost of the Use of Facilitations in Mangunan Orchard.
The details are as follows:
  1. Rent and hygiene contributions/person Rp.5.000,-
  2. Out bond (flying fox packet, reflying, rocking bridge, teamwork/collaboration) per packet for 10 people Rp.200.000,-
  3. Camping ground/person/24 hours/person Rp.5.000,-
  4. Buildings rent/6 hours: participants 1-50 people Rp.100.000,-; participants 51-100 people Rp.150.000,-; participants more than 100 people Rp.200.000,-
  5. Fishing place/person/day Rp.2.000,-
  6. Homestay rent/24 hours Rp.300.000,-
  7. Swimming pool/person/hour Rp.2.000,-
  8. Rent track/downhill circuit/cross country/packet for 5 people Rp.50.000,-
  9. Rent a place to sell/year Rp.2.400.000,-
  10. Picking/eating fruit: mango/kg Rp.5.000.-; rambutan/kg Rp.4.000,-; orange/kg Rp5.000.-; guava/kg Rp.2.000,-; durian: small size Rp.15.000,-; medium Rp.25.000,-; and big Rp.50.000,-

Mangunan Orchard Park
With the opening of Mangunan agro it is expected to grow plants which provide benefits for local people and Mangunan is also expected to change from barren land which was originally known as an arid area to become a lush land with verdant and lush plants. For the future, Mangunan is also expected to be potential sufficient absorbent water area in Dlingo.

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