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Pindul Cave
Pindul Cave
Pindul cave perhaps seemed unfamiliar for visitors from outside the town. This cave is situated in Bejiharjo village, Karangmojo. This considered a new spot object in Gunungkidul. Pindul Cave belongs to particular object tourism. That is journey to the 300 meters-long cave using wheel floating media. The host already prepares the utility and guide of this particular adventure. For standard package, it will be charged for about 25 to 30 thousands rupiahs. This package includes facilities such as guide, utility, traditional snacks, meatball and rosella tea. Another package available will includes outbond, home stay in local house and restaurant buffet.  

It takes 45 minutes to explore whole cave. Guaranteed by utility and procedural, the visitors will be guided by helping and kind guide. This cave tubing experience is some sort of spectacular by wearing floating jacket. Wearing coloring floating jacket, white rubber sole-shoes and lamp head, the visitors are ready to adventure this river cave for sure.

Entering the mouth cave, visitors will pass the first zone that is Light Zone. They still can see the beauty inside the cave such as stalagmite, bats and rock ornaments. The tubing journey is started with the mouth cave of 5 meters wide and 8 meters depth. The next journey will be more challenging and fun. 
Pindul Cave

Moving to the next zone, Fade Zone is the middle part of the Pindul cave where the light is fade away. In this zone everything is different. The bats and stalagmite are differing than the previous zone. The special thing to enjoy is the bats which hanging down the cave wall enhances this adventurous scene.

Pindul Cave

Pindul Cave
 Continued to the third zone namely Dark Zone. It is where visitors can not see any light there. Visitors only can see bats’ eyes and heard the water splashing through the cave. This zone usually using as a place to meditate or reflection and to feel the experience of shortly blind.
Pindul Cave

Visitors can find a Male Stalagmite there. It is rumor that whoever touch and caress this will become virile, this special for male. Besides, there is Puting (nipple) Stalagmite. It is believed whoever women drink its drops will make them beautiful and fertile. One other thing is the forth biggest stalagmite on earth present here. It takes five people to go around it, but the cleft only reachable for one person. This cave exotic beauty then completed with ornament along the cave walls just like masterpiece of abstract painting. Also crystal light from bats’ eyes which hanging down as if enrich the cave natural decoration. Only here visitors can find pearl made of water drops on the cave walls.  

Before leaving the cave, visitors can see big bats (kalong) hanging down around the end of tunnel. After these cave drafting finished, visitors come back to Dewa Bejo seretariat. (Bejiharjo tourism). There visitors will be served with meatball and glass of Rosalie tea as their special food there. 

To reach this Pidul cave is not so difficult. If taking Yogyakarta normal route: passing Yogya Wonosari – Bintang  valley – Siyono  Roundabout to the left – Grogol  crossroad to the left – entering  Bejiharjo village. Or choosing the second route or Tourism Route passing Yogya Wonosari – Bintang valley – Ancient Volcano green resort – Bobung village (mask handicraft) – Sambipitu – Bunder rest area – Siyono roundabout – Grogol crossroad to the left and entering Bejiharjo village.

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