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Fishing Port Tanjung Adikarto

Fishing Port Tanjung Adikarto
Kulonprogo also has beaches that are extended from Congot in Temon subdistrict up to Trisik Beach in Galur subdistrick for about 24.8 kilometers and the width for about 1.5 kilometers. They are stretched out from west (Bogowonto river mouth) to the east side (Progo river mouth) and are bordered by Daendels road. The coast area is very rich and prosperous since it has potency in farming, cattle breeding, fishing, tourism places and mining.  

Fishing Port Tanjung Adikarto is located in Karangwuni village, Wates subdistrick and was established in 2004. Apart from this function as fishing landing place, this place also functions as tourism object as well. Hopefully in the near future these areas will rapidly growth as new industry center along the shore.

Fishing Port Tanjung Adikarto
In planning to develop this area it is significantly needed infrastructures supported such as fishing port, steel factory and airport development plan. The existence of those infrastructures would definitely initiated investors to develop other industries related to subject matters and even would increasing economy growth in Kulonprogo.

Fishing Port Tanjung Adikarto
The development of the fishing port in becoming ‘Tanjung Adikarto’ Harbor in Serang river mouth, Karangwuni village, Wates is expected would contribute to rising people prosperity there as to be claimed a maritime country. Again, supported with strategic location between Cilacap and Banyuwangi harbors (besides Trenggalek and Tulungagung harbors). It is only 1 km from Jalur Jalan Lintas Selatan (JJLS/Daendeles), 3 km from south national driveway and 5 km from doeble track railways (Kedundang station). Later if Kulonprogo international airport already finished, the harbor only lied 7 km from the airport. To support the seashore area, it is started by building SMK Kelautan (maritime vocational school) that only 2.5 km from there.   
Fishing Port Tanjung Adikarto
‘Tanjung Adikarto’ Harbor is planned to be the biggest harbor in southern part of Java. It is predicted that later when operated (predicted 2010/2011) this harbor could contain ships of weight 150 GT at least in the latest 2008 or perhaps in the early 2009 this harbor has already landed ships of weight 30 GT. Besides, the harbor has been acknowledged from other party as modeling since the developing process (planning, budget and processing) contains synergy between government or departments in this case includes State government (Departemen Kelautan dan Perikanan and  Departemen Kimpraswil) and local government of DIY Yogyakarta (Dinas Perikanan dan Kelautan and Dinas Kimpraswil) and Kulonprogo regency government along with scholars in this area. 
Fishing Port Tanjung Adikarto
To enjoy Glagah Indah attraction along with the biggest fishing port in DIY ‘Tanjung Adikarto Harbor’, visitors from Congot should ride their private motorcycle or can take ojek (motorcycle taxi) from Jogja-Purworejo road, it costs for about 50 thousands rupiahs. To go to Glagah Indah will take 30 minutes from Wates bus station heading south of Wates town. In the beach visitors can be enjoy any kind of sea foods they want to order.    
To stay there people can choose any kind of motel or inn with affordable prices. Roads also fine along with the sea shore. Additionally, visitors will be offered view of many kinds of vegetables, fruits and the dragon fruit when walk along the beach. 

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