Friday, September 28, 2012

Yogyakarta Tourism Resort : Baluwarti Site

Baluwarti Site
Baluwarti Site
 Baluwarti site area is located approximately 750 meters northeast of Kotagede Market. Baluwarti is the outside part of Islamic Mataram Kingdom castle in Kotagede. Bakluwarti castle has route from Kampung Baluwarti to the south, along with Manggisan river up to Sareman village and turning to the west and to the north following Gajahwong river, next to Belehan and then turning to the east and finally back to Kampung Baluwarti. Baluwarti castle is the second type of castle. The first type of castle is called cepuri and the third type is called Negara castle. For these many castles, Kotagede commonly known as Kota Benteng (castle town) or Kota Bacingah. 
Baluwarti Site

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