Friday, September 28, 2012

Yogyakarta Tourism Resort : Bedhahan Site

Bedhahan Site

Bedhahan Site
Bedhahan Site is positioned for about 360 meters to the southeast of Kotagede Market. To be precise, this location is on the corner east of border line between Kampung Alun-alun and Kampung Dalem. This site is apparently the remains of cepuri castle of Kraton Mataram Kotagede.

Bedhahan Site
This fortress site is reconstructed to give social access between people of kampong Dalem and kampong Alun-alun, so that this area now is named Bedhahan area. The remains of limestone from the fortress are made use as toilet and house walls by local people. Rumor said that this limestone is originally come from Lime Mountain from Pleret and Pathuk Gunungkidul.   
Bedhahan Site

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