Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yogyakarta Tourism Resort : Green Resort of Purba Nglanggeran Mountain

Green Resort of Purba Nglanggeran Mountain

Nglanggeran Mountain is situated on Baturagung area of the northern part of Gunungkidul Regency. It is located on approximately height 200 – 700 above sea level with the average temperature of 23 – 27 Celsius degree. The exact location is on Nglanggeran village, subdistrick of Patuk for about 20 km from Wonosari and 25 km from Yogyakarta.       
There are two ways to reach this site through the roads. If you are from Wonosari take Bunderan Sambipitu, turn right towards Bobung area / Topeng crafts then head to Nglanggeran village (Pendopo Joglo Kalisong/ Nglanggeran Mountain). If you are from Yogyakarta getting through Bukit Bintak Patuk, and turn left for about 7 km by GCD FM Radio (toward Ngoro-oro village as the location of Transmission stasions), go along Nglanggeran village (Pendopo Joglo Kalisong/ Nglanggeran Mountain).
From lithology perspective, this area was structured by ancient volcanic materials and had beautiful landscapes. It was unique and scientifically valuable if it seen from geology side. The result of study and reference stated that Nglanggeran was an ancient volcano.
What is ancient volcano actually??? Look at this beautiful scenery on this tourist resort. With a rising block of rocks, it just like skycrapper or mall yet it is actually was an active volcano (for 60 million years ago). Now we can visit as we take this fresh air or just take a picture around.

There is a Joglo-some kind of hall (Pendopo Joglo Kalisong) on the entering gate and if we take a walk through climbing road, we will see there are 3 modest watching posts from the lowest up to the highest top of the mountain. As if we could see a green carpet spread out when we see down there, see many crops, plantation and tower buildings of various tv stasions surroundings. It just double its panoramic view. This site is the perfect place to go climbing, tracking, out bond facility, camping or just stop by and relaxing for people who need to refresh from daily work and crowded situation.

Nglanggeran village has many potencial cultural and tourist attractions, both tangiable and intangiable. From ancient historic heredity such as statues, local art performance to daily social traditions has its uniqueness.
Green Resort Nglanggeran Mountain also had many attractions and offered the visitors with the great natural resorts like Comberan Spring, Gedhe Mountain, Bongos Mountain, Blencong Mountain, Buchu Mountain, Tlogo Wungu, Tlogo Mardhido, Talang Kencono, Pemean Gadhung, Pohon Temas, and headless statue of Kelir Mountain. 

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