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Yogyakarta Tourism Resort : Mataram Mosque

Mataram Mosque
Mataram Mosque
Mataram Mosque is situated for about 200 meters south west of Kotagede Market. This mosque is the oldest building apart from temple in Yogyakarta region. Foretold said that the mosque is the inheritance of Islamic Mataram Kingdom, marked as mustaka or thrown characterized Keprabon mosque.
Mataram Mosque is located in one complex with Pasareyan Agung Kotagede was buried. As the cemetery of Kanjeng Panembahan Senopati, king of Mataram Kingdom who ruled in 1509 Djimawal year (1579 AC). He died in 1532 EHE year (1601 AC). Pasareyan area is placed behind the Mataram Mosque. Besides, the cemetery of the king this area also as cemetery of Mataram Kingdom ancestor. Mataram Mosque is bordered by 2.5 meters walls.

Mataram Mosque

Mataram Mosque

Mataram Mosque
Entering Mataram Mosque complex visitors will passing two gates that is the main gate for congregation in the east side and service gate for worshiper in the north side. The unity of cemetery and mosque here meaning that this place is both religious and spiritual place. Gates of Mataram Mosque signify that Hinduism characters still exist here. Furthermore, it can be seen on the fence style and Padureka gates. This remains which showed water symbol is the inheritance of Hinduism in the past.     

The main roof is two tajug tumpang, installed with four wooden main pillars. In the main room there is a podium, was a gift from Sultanese Palembang-the grandson of Prabu Brawijaya V. While, the Kenthongan (drum) and bedug Kyai Dhondong are positioned in the mosque verandah.

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