Friday, September 28, 2012

Yogyakarta Tourism Resort : Sacred Cemetery (Makam)

Sacred Cemetery (Makam)
Cemeteries where is used as pilgrimage destination that is Kings Cemetery (Panembahan Senapati cemetery), Makam Hastarengga, Makam Kyai Basah Prawirodirdjo, Makam Nyai Melati, Makam Ki Ageng Karang Lo, Makam Gambiran, Makam Kyai Guna Mrica dan Makam Kyai Gedong.
Sacred Cemetery (Makam)

Sacred Cemetery (Makam)

Sacred Cemetery (Makam)
Other objects can be seen here is the old-structured building with unique tradition of Kotagede. As for examples is ancient hall (pendopo) such as Pendapa Trunojaya, Dalem Sopingan, Dalem Mustahalan, Praydanan and Tumenggungan building area. Other interesting objects are Tugu Ngejaman, Gardu listrik Babon Aniem and Monumen Pacak Suji. This monument signified the inauguration of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwana IX who throned in 1938. This monument is established in 1940 with the symbol of Kraton Yogyakarta in it.

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